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Lehigh University is served by LUEMS 24 hours a day when regular classes are in session. When LUEMS is not in service, City of Bethlehem EMS assumes campus coverage. LUEMS shifts are staffed by a three-person crew. An experienced EMT serves as the Crew Chief who has complete operational authority over any incident. The Crew Chief works in conjunction with a 2nd EMT to render patient care. The two EMTs are complimented by a trainee who is a CPR/AED/First Aid credentialed responder undergoing formal EMT training. Additionally, Lehigh Police will also respond to all EMS calls to protect the safety of the LUEMS crew, our patient(s), and any bystanders.

Summoning Lehigh EMS

LUEMS is dispatched by the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD). In the event of an on-campus medical emergency you should dial extension 8-4200. If you are dialing from a cellular phone you must dial 610-758-4200. Dialing 911 will not directly connect you to the LUPD and could delay an emergency response.

Operational Details

Upon notification of an emergency, LUEMS members will respond directly to the scene of any emergency using our response vehicles. Once on the scene, the LUEMS crew will make a size-up of the situation and determine if the patient requires transport to a hospital. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, a City of Bethlehem ambulance will be called to transport the patient. For minor injuries, LUEMS may treat the patient and/or advise to seek consultation from the Health Center or family physician.


Emergency services provided by LUEMS are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to call LUEMS in case of any medical emergency. Standby services; however, (such as sporting games & other events) are billed to sponsoring organizations by the hour. (Please see the standby link to request a crew for your event)