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Lehigh EMS History

2004 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2008-2010 Report
Past Executive Boards

Response Vehicle - Circa 2001

Response Vehicle - Circa 2004

Response Vehicle - Circa 2012

Response Vehicle - Circa 2017


  • The Lehigh University Response Team (aLURT) charter is approved by the university with Bob Fisher serving as the faculty advisor.


  • Squad goes in service for the first time.


  • Squad formally renamed to ALERT
  • First backboard was purchased. Wiley Hall ('96) noted that backboards were brought to calls hanging out the back windows of the car.


  • First AED put into service: Laerdal HeartStart 3000
  • First uniform jackets ordered


  • First official response vehicle, a retired 1992 Chevy service van, donated to the squad. However, due to mechanical problems, the vehicle was never actually put into service.


  • LifePak 500 donated to LUEMS from the local Mason Chapter
  • Squad begins using 500 MHz radio system with the purchase of new Motorola HT1250 radios


  • Response vehicle replaced with 1994 Dodge Caravan


  • Chris Houtz of LUPD named as LUEMS Advisor Squad is licensed as a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Quick Response Service
  • Response vehicle 950 is replaced with a 2000 Ford Expedition


  • Electronic trip sheet reporting begins. EMStat software installed in station and in response vehicle laptop.
  • LUEMS attends the National Collegiate EMS Conference for the first time
  • Response vehicle upgraded with hide-a-way strobes, grille lights, traffic advisor, and shelving system with sliding drawers
  • LUEMS certified to carry and administer Epi-Pens
  • LUEMS, Student Senate, and Interfraternity Council hold mock DUI event on the lawn of Fairchild-Martindale Library.


  • Squad presented with award from Human Resources and Provost's Office.


  • LUEMS presented with Student Organization of the Year award
  • Pilot project to remain in-service over the summer. LUEMS students provided with summer housing in exchange for staffing commitment.


  • New Member/Observer Coordinator and Equipment Manager positions added to Executive Board


  • New member class runs for the first time


  • Response vehicle replaced with a 2011 Ford Expedition as 8041


  • LUEMS begins equipment exchange program with City of Bethlehem EMS and Bethlehem Township EMS
  • LUEMS partners with Human Resources to provide First Aid, CPR, and AED training to faculty/staff


  • Two LUEMS students intern with Easton Emergency Squad for the entire summer
  • Response vehicle replaced with a 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility as Truck 8041
  • LUEMS begins performing blood glucose measurements


  • Three LUEMS students intern with Easton Emergency Squad for the entire summer
  • Car 8042, a 2013 Chevy Malibu, is added to the fleet and state-licensed as a secondary vehicle
  • LUEMS remains in-service over the summer break