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Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)


No AED in your building yet? Contact LUEMS for more information...

For budgetary purposes, plan for a one-time expense of approximately $1,800 which includes the AED, mounting cabinet, signage and installation costs. Departments that co-occupy a building may want to consider partnering to share the cost. Ongoing maintenance, battery replacement, and pad replacement is centrally funded by the University AT NO COST to individual departments.

Each AED is wall-mounted inside an alarmed cabinet. An alarm will sound when the door is opened. This alarm serves several purposes including: deterring theft / vandalism, alerting bystanders to summon Lehigh Police / EMS, and alerting CPR/AED trained staff members to provide assistance. Staff members should immediately summon help whenever the alarm sounds.

A small sight-glass is located in the upper-right corner of the AED. This allows for inspection of the AED. You should observe a green light flashing every 10 seconds. This indicates that the AED is ready for use. The AED may also beep if a potential fault is detected. Contact the Lehigh Police if you hear a beeping noise and/or do not see the flashing light. Keep the AED in its normal location after notifying Lehigh Police.

In addition to the AED itself, a small red pouch contains response supplies including: a CPR mask, gloves, a razor, and absorbent cloth. LUEMS is responsible for care and maintenance of the AED units. This includes replacing the pads and batteries as prescribed.

The following Lehigh University buildings are equipped with AEDs:

Goodman - Building 125 | South Entrance - Main Lobby
Goodman - Carol & John Covert Pavilion (Track) | Outdoor Track Facility - Inside on South Wall
Goodman - Leadership Field Softball Complex | Softball Field Press Box
Goodman - Legacy Field Baseball Complex | Baseball Field Press Box
Goodman - Stabler Arena | East Side of Arena near Kitchen Entry Door
Goodman - Ulrich Sports Complex | Equipment Room near Main Gate
Main - Alumni Memorial Building | Main Lobby - South Corridor
Main - Chandler Ullmann Hall | Southwest Lobby
Main - Christmas-Saucon Hall | Main Lobby
Main - E. W. Fairchild-Martindale Computing Center | Level 1 - Computer Lab Area (Pit)
Main - E. W. Fairchild-Martindale Library | Level 4 - East Wall near Help Desk
Main - Grace Hall | Room 122 - Ticket Office
Main - Johnson Hall | Level 3 - Health Center
Main - Lamberton Hall | Main Level - Between Great Room and Cafe Seating Area
Main - Lewis Lab | 2nd Floor Lobby - South
Main - Linderman Library | Main Level - Near Elevator in East Corridor
Main - Maginnes Hall | Main Lobby - Near Dean's Office
Main - Maida House | North Entrance Lobby
Main - Mohler Laboratory | Level 3 - Near Elevator
Main - Mudd Building | West Entrance Lobby - Near Elevator
Main - Packard Laboratory | Level 3 - Near Dean's Office
Main - Price Hall | Near Main Door & Stairway
Main - Rathbone Hall | Dining Hall - Near Tray Return Area
Main - Rauch Business Center | Level 2 - Near Room 271 and Cafe
Main - Singleton House | Main Hallway Near Fitness Center
Main - STEPS Building | Ground Level - North Lobby
Main - Taylor Gym | Level 1 - Sports Medicine Area
Main - Taylor Gym | Level 4 - Hallway near Basketball Court
Main - Trembley Park | Health Center Lobby
Main - University Center | Level 2 - Near Food Court
Main - Whitaker Laboratory | Level 3 - Room 369
Main - Williams Hall | Level 1 - Main Lobby
Main - Zoellner Arts Center | Main Lobby - Near Elevator and Phones
Mountaintop - Building C | High Bay C1 - West Door
Mountaintop - Building C | High Bay C2 - West Door
Mountaintop - Building C | High Bay C3 - West Door
Mountaintop - Building C | Main Building - Level 2 - Stairwell Near Room 220
Mountaintop - Iacocca Hall | Level 2 - A/B Wing Near Elevators
Saucon Village - More House | Child Care Center Office
Southside - Flatiron Building | Level 4 - Near Restrooms
Southside - Gateway Building | Level 4 - Near Restrooms and Room 451
Southside - Gateway Building | Level 5 - Near Restrooms and Room 508

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